Sunday, August 10, 2008

Breaking News - Microsoft Hands On Lab for WWS 3.0

Breaking NEWs....
while exploring the Internet I found this great HOLs for WWS 3.0 development and part of it webpart development using VSeWSSv12 (Extension for VS.NEt 2008) which I intended to blog it(Microsoft always has step ahead).
My previous 2 posts (Part-1 - Part-II) were enough to create webparts manually and understand what goes on behind the scene. But I'll blog some issues related like (Security permissions - ToolPane...........etc) .

The HOLs included are:
1. Web Parts
2. Data Lists
3. Event Handlers
4. Workflow
5. Silverlight
6. Page Navigation
7. Page Branding
8. Web Services
9. Content Types
10. User Authentication

don't miss it.


(^oo^) bad girl (^oo^) said...

Very fine......

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